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Southern Shade Solutions is proud to offer the Outpost Collection from American Dakota Fine Area Rugs. American Dakota Rugs specialize in lodge, Southwest and sometimes unconventional designs that are made in the U.S.A. Rugs are manufactured from EnduraStran™, American Dakota’s exclusive premium nylon fibers that are fade resistant, antimicrobial and commercial grade tested for heavy traffic. “Pre-Met” dyes are used for color and durability to ensure that colors will not run or bleed when cleaned.

One of these colorful rugs will help add that extra special touch to make your Texas patio feel warm and cheery.

You can also feel good knowing that you are choosing a product from a company that seeks to build relationships with Indigenous artists. Your purchase will help support these artists as American Dakota splits their profits equally with their artists. All rugs are CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green Label Plus certified and comply with their rigorous indoor air quality standards. The Green Label Plus program symbolizes the carpet industry’s commitment to a better environment. American Dakota is also making a difference in waste elimination. Their manufacturing facility has not contributed to landfills since 1999.

The Outpost Rug Collection logo
Outpost Rug Collection-Randy L. Barton-1
Outpost Rug Collection-Randy L. Barton-2
Outpost Rug Collection-Cowboy Love
Outpost Rug Collection-Wasteland
Outpost Rug Collection-Forward Shift
Outpost Rug Collection-Abstraction
Outpost Rug Collection-Drum Beat
Outpost Rug Collection-Time Travel-Multi
Outpost Rug Collection-Time Travel-Velvet
Outpost Rug Collection-Razzle
Outpost Rug Collection-Turkish Nights
Outpost Rug Collection-Persian Versian Light Distressed
Outpost Rug Collection-Brazos-Old Gold
Outpost Rug Collection-Brazos-Sunset
Outpost Rug Collection-Four-Rams Rust
Outpost Rug Collection-Four Rams-Contemporary
Outpost Rug Collection-Kindred Cones
Outpost Rug Collection-Camp Woodhaven
Outpost Rug Collection-Island Fauna
Outpost Rug Collection-It's About Time-Blue
Outpost Rug Collection-Spotten Hide-Sienna
Outpost Rug Collection-Adobe Rio Tanner
Outpost Rug Collection-Desert Diamond Southwest
Outpost Rug Collection-Horse Thieves-Electric
Outpost Rug Collection-Rustic Cross-Clay
Outpost Rug Collection-Sallisaw Mesa-Tan
Outpost Rug Collection-Sawtooth Mojave-Sunset
Outpost Rug Collection-Sunset Dance-Electric
Outpost Rug Collection-Rustic Cross-Electric
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conch republic coastal canvas aqua
conch republic south beach spice

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