Southern Shade Solutions is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the beautiful Southwest, we are a top supplier of professionally-installed retractable insect screens and motorized patio shades, louvered and retracting patio covers, custom screen rooms and garage door screens. Custom made to blend seamlessly with your home’s décor we have solutions for doors, windows or large openings, patios and porches.

In Texas, everyone wants to spend time outside on the patio or porch, but the sun’s heat and glare can make it too uncomfortable to be enjoyable. Adding a few simple outdoor shades or a cover to your patio, porch or other outdoor space make it much more pleasant while being aesthetically beautiful at the same time.

Are there rooms in your house that are too hot from the sun’s heat coming through your windows? Our exterior shade products help prevent heat gain and fading of your interior furnishings, and make your existing window treatments last longer.

If increased privacy is at the top of your priority list for your home or office setting, we’ve got you covered. Our exterior solar screening products are great options for better daytime privacy.

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