Outdoor Heaters Provide Comfort and Profits To Restaurant & Outdoor Venues

Winter weather doesn’t have to put your restaurant’s outdoor patio or rooftop dining on hiatus until the warmer months. Adding design-friendly Infratech heaters can offer your guests more seating options while helping you get more nights of use from your outdoor dining areas. Our heaters keep outdoor seating open, which can help lead to a boost in sales.

Here’s an example. Consider a restaurant with 20 patio tables, with room for 4 people per table. The addition of Infratech heaters can mean 60 extra days/nights a year. That’s 4,800 more customers a year than if the patio space was closed. Even at 75% occupancy, with 3,600 customers per year, if each customer spends $25, the restaurant could be looking at an additional $90,000 in revenue per year.

Customers will appreciate the warmth of comfort heat, whether they’re dining outdoors or just participating in this little moments that take a good dining experience to a great one — waiting for valet services is enjoyable under an Infratech heater, as is going outside to smoke.

COmmercial Outdoor Heaters for Dallas, TX restaurants

Our heaters are effective because they:

  • Transfer heat directly to objects; warmth will not “blow away” in windy conditions.
  • Feature an array of control packages that can accommodate commercial spaces of all sizes.
  • Require no refillable tanks and are virtually maintenance free.
  • Can be grouped and regulated in different zones for the ability to adjust comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Our heaters work with beautifully-designed spaces because they:

  • Can be situated beneath canvas awnings, nestled under beams, flush-mounted into a ceiling treatment or pole-mounted on a poolside deck.
  • Have minimal clearance requirements and are UL Listed for as low as seven feet.
  • Come in a wide selection of standard and optional custom finish colors, to complement or match wall or ceiling treatments.

Our technical customer service team can provide assistance to determine correct heater, control, color and mounting options. Our energy-efficient, eco-friendly heaters come with a three-year warranty, that’s the most extensive in the industry.

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Dallas, Fort Worth Restaurant Patio Heaters
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