Fort Worth High Wind Hurricane ScreensAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOOA), hurricanes that have occurred in the North Atlantic, central North Pacific and Eastern North Pacific oceans between 1980 and 2021 have caused over $1.1 trillion total in damage and 6,697 deaths. Due to the ongoing La Niña this year and above average Atlantic temperatures, NOAA is predicting above-average hurricane activity.

High Wind/Hurricane Screens

Our Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Progressive Defender motorized hurricane/high wind screens offer year round protection to your home from hurricane winds and flying debris. They also provide protection from insects, sun and glare and offer privacy.

Our hurricane/high wind systems meet or exceed Florida building code requirements for roll-down hurricane screens protecting your structure from hurricane winds exceeding 156 mph. Screen fabrics come with a 10-year warranty and are “self extinguishing,” unlike many competitors’ fabrics which are highly flammable and break down easily from UV rays.

Our motorized high wind screen systems are available with six different frame color options and five screen color options.

Hurricane/High Wind Frame Colors

Night Sky

Hurricane/High Wind Screen Colors

White and Tan
Black and Tan

Patented MagnaTrack Technology

Our Fort Worth, Texas motorized high wind screens also offer the patented MagnaTrack technology that is built for exceptional impact absorption and is unparalleled in strength and durability. This innovative design utilizes magnets which are secured into both the track housing and inner tract. These specialized magnets are sightly separated, which permits the inner track to float inward during deployment. This allows the screen interlock to easily feed into the track without hang-up, jamming or pull-out. This screen system is specifically designed and engineered with our self correcting intelligence that eliminates 98% of services calls by overcoming many of the inherent inefficiencies found in competitive “Zipper systems.” Additionally, the magnetic pull keeps the screen panel taught when the screen is deployed.

Motor Options

Our Dallas/Fort Worth Progressive MagnaTrack systems are available with three different motor options to fit your needs or application. Motors are fully programmable and can be controlled by remote, smartphone or your home automation system. Depending upon your choice of motor, Triple Obstacle Detection or Single Obstacle Detection features are available to protect people, pets and/or your furniture from injury or damage.

Protect your home, family and your belongings with hurricane/high wind systems from Southern Shade Solutions. Call us at (940) 372-1771 or contact us to discuss specific needs for your Fort Worth home.

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