Relax in Comfort with Propane & Natural Gas Outdoor Heaters

As the weather turns color, you might want to consider adding a propane or natural gas patio heater to your outdoor living space.

Southern Shade Solutions is pleased to provide propane and natural gas outdoor heating options so you can create a true four season room where you can relax and stay comfortable as the temperature drops outside. These heaters are available for your Dallas or Fort Worth home or commercial business. They are perfect for porches, patios and even garages – anywhere you would like to enjoy the outdoors without actually being in the outdoors!

Our propane/natural gas outdoor heaters feature tinted ceramic glass and can operate in winds up to 40 MPH without any adverse wind effects. Burner performance is completely protected by the glass front which results in higher efficiency.

Propane-Natural Gas Patio Heaters - Dallas-Fort Worth
Dallas-Propane-Natural Gas Outdoor Patio Heaters-Fort Worth

Wind Resistant – Featuring a Tinted Ceramic Glass Front

  • Indoor or Outdoor Rated. Can be exposed to outdoor elements – rain or snow.
  • Tinted ceramic glass technology provides Wind resistance up to 40mph wind force.
  • Provides a totally enclosed combustion pattern and maintains consistent output even in windy environments.
  • Horizontal or angle mounting up to 60°.
  • Clearances as low as 10” above the heater with an optional shield.
  • Can be suspended from ceiling or angle mounted from column or sidewall with optional adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Factory shipped as a two-stage control heater and can be used with optional 3 position switch for ultimate comfort. Operate at first stage (24,000 Btu/hr) during milder days and operate at full power (35,000 Btu/hr) on colder days.
  • Can be operated at full power (35,000Btu/hr) as a single stage heater by a simple factory supplied jumper wire.
  • 3-year limited warranty on the burner assembly, and 1-year limited warranty on the controls.
  • CSA Design Certified – ANSI Z83.19 & ANSI Z83.26 Standards.

Please view our spec sheet to find out more information.

Would you like to learn more about propane and natural gas outdoor heater options for your Texas porch or patio? Please give us a call at (940) 727-1281 or contact us to find out more!

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