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Wintertime Benefits of Retractable Screens

Most people think of retractable screens as a feature to make their outdoor spaces more comfortable during the summer months. They are fantastic additions to any home and offer protection from the sun, pests, and even provide extra privacy. However, there are many advantages to be had all year round, even during the cold and snow.

Protection from Wind, Rain, and Snow

When you think about enclosing your pergola or deck, you likely bring to mind the benefit of Oklahoma bug screens to keep out bothersome mosquitoes and flies. While motorized screens are a fantastic shield from these pests, they are capable of far more.

The many various types of screens available offer options that deflect the harsh elements that accompany the winter months. Heavy winds, rains, and even snow can be blocked by a motorized screen.

By using your screens during the winter, you can keep snow and rain from accumulating in your outdoor rooms. This prevents you from needing to constantly clear away the snow and clean up dirt and debris while providing additional space for your use.

Take Advantage of Extra Space

If you use a portable space heater, you can enjoy the enclosed area even when it’s cold. Wintertime can force most outdoor activities to stop or at least be very limited. When kids and adults both are stuck inside for weeks or months on end, your home can start to feel claustrophobic. Having the use of an additional room to let the kids play or relax and read a book can be an excellent way to find some peace.

Enjoy Increased Privacy

Since days are shorter during the winter, with darkness falling in the late afternoon or early evening, you will need to use electric lights to illuminate your space. An unfortunate side effect of turning on the lights is that your presence and activities are on better display for the neighbors to see. A retractable screen offers a shield to give you privacy from your neighbors so you can enjoy your outdoor rooms without an audience.

Block Harmful UV Rays and Glare

The sun’s rays can cause a lot of damage at any time of year, not just during the summer. Motorized screens are a convenient way to protect your health from the harshness of the sun. Direct sunlight can also cause discoloration and fading to your furnishings.

Yet another benefit of a retractable screen is that it will eliminate the glare from the sun, letting you better enjoy your space. This is even more important in the winter, as the reflection from the snow intensifies the glare.

Retractable Bug Screens Dallas TexasWinter Installation Prepares You for Spring

If you don’t already have a retractable screen, now could be a great time to move forward with finding a contractor and getting one installed. You can get a jump on next season so you are ready to enjoy your newly screened space at the first sign of spring and warm weather.

Another advantage to having your screens installed during the winter is that you cut down on the mess and damage that are normally part of the process. Contractors need to carry their materials and tools to the work area, which means they will be walking back and forth across your lawn and perhaps even amongst your flower beds or bushes. This activity can cause damage to your landscaping efforts. In the winter, however, most plants are dormant, meaning that colorful blooms and perfectly manicured grass won’t be disturbed.

It’s also more likely that the ground will be solid during the colder months, cutting the mess of the project back drastically. Spring is generally accompanied by plenty of rainy days. This can turn the ground into mud and cause an unsightly and dangerous workspace. Avoid the need to constantly clean away muddy footprints, along with possible delays in your screen installation due to rain, by choosing the winter for the project.

You may even be able to get the project completed in a fraction of the time. Contractors are often busy with bigger jobs once springtime begins. There is a good chance that you can find better availability during their off-season.

Motorized screens are a wonderful way to make the most out of your living space. They are perfect for all seasons, providing a comfortable and private setting when needed, and easily retracted to enjoy the view and warmer days.

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